Modernization of wastewater treatment facilities of Shymkent

In 2010,  due to the EBRD grant COWI RU (Russia) together with BDC Consulting developed a feasibility study. EBRD signed an agreement for modernization of treatment facilities and construction of a biogas plant. The volume of investments was estimated at 2.7 billion tenge. The investment program consists of two stages. The first stage has already been completed and cost the company 1.14 billion tenge. These funds were used to completely replace all equipment of the treatment facilities with modern efficient European technologies. Earlier the power consumption for aeration in aeration tanks was 800 kWh, now it is 500 kWh. Wastewater treatment indicators fully comply with state standards.

The facility has modern equipment and automation devices. Everything is designed for the long-term use including resource-saving technology. This approach was applied not only to treatment facilities, but also to all processes of the water supply and sewerage facilities of Shymkent.