Overview of public transport development policies in Kazakhstan

"Overview of public transport development policies in Kazakhstan" was prepared by ETS Transport consultants GmbH, in collaboration with BDC Consulting KZ, on request of the UNDP GEF project "Sustainable transport in Almaty". Its goal is to conduct a large-scale and comprehensive review of the public transport sector in Kazakhstan with a focus on urban transport.

The review builds on the results of previous work on the urban transport development strategy 2012-2023 for Almaty city, and also provides suggestions for improving urban transport infrastructure.

The report structure contains key conclusions and recommendations based on comprehensive policy analysis and research on international best practices, interviews with stakeholders, as well as a workshop held in Almaty in July 2017.


Information is taken from the website of the official Internet resource «Public transport of Almaty» https://alatransit.kz/ru/content/obzor-politik-razvitiya-obshchestvennogo-transporta-v-kazahstane