Development of renewable energy projects in Kazakhstan

The Energy De Portugal Renewables (EDPR), a leading worldwide investment company, and RG Renovatio Group, a leading worldwide renewable energy developer, established a partnership with BDC Consulting for the development of renewable energy projects in Kazakhstan.

BDC Consulting, Renovatio Group and EDPR are implementing selective growth oriented strategy by investing in quality projects with predictable cash flows and ensuring a smooth execution backed by esential competencies providing optimal profitability, all within an exclusive and self-sufficient model designed for accelerating the added value of projects. As a result of such strategy implementation, at the same time flexible enough to adapt to fluctuating business and economic conditions. Also, currently BDC Consulting, in partnership with Renovatio, is working on structuring of corporate contracts for the RES supply (“PPAs”), where the main focus will be made on prioritizing of corporative “PPAs” as an alternative to ongoing RES auctions, i.e. facilitating the implementation and further promotion of the grid parity model, which will accelerate the RES market competitiveness in the following years, allowing the subsidies reduction for energy generating enterprises and the government of Kazakhstan for RES projects passing from RFC auctions.

With the support from BDC Consulting, Renovatio, after holding relevant acquaintance meetings with the leadership of Renewable Energy Sources Department of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “KEGOC” JSC, “KOREM” JSC, UNDP, the Akimats of several regions in Kazakhstan, signed Memorandums of Understanding with Akimats of Kyzylorda, Dzhambul and Aktobe regions on establishment of cooperation principles in preparation and implementation of projects for establishment of electricity production facilities using the RES and on framing of unified policy and approaches for ongoing and/or planned programs.

Upholding its interest in investing in the electricity sector in Kazakhstan, BDC Consulting, under partnership with Renovatio, performed geotechnical surveys and development of design estimates documentation for construction of the first phase of the “Burkhan” SPP with an output up to 120 MW in Kyzylorda and several wind power plants in Dzhambul and Aktobe regions.

BDC Consulting, EDPR and Renovatio suppose that along with the investment growth  in the development of RES sector in Kazakhstan, judging from the international experience, it is needed to introduce more progressive competitive mechanisms for structuring of the RES market in the light of strategy for further expansion of investments amounts within this consortium for the development and construction of wind and solar power plants, as well as the power grid infrastructure of various regions in Kazakhstan